In January 2017 I was appointed by the City of London as the inaugural Artist in Residence at London's iconic Tower Bridge.  It was my role to respond to the unique structural forms, social history and architectural legacy of this beloved landmark through drawings, prints, objects, film and design.


The resulting collection of over 40 pieces of work presents Tower Bridge’s iconic Victorian art and architecture in a state of transformation.  As the Bridge appears and disappears across the artworks, it's ornamental gothic forms are shown in a state of flux; organically growing, dissolving, behaving as hybrid matter subject to changing elements and conditions around it.

An exhibition of these artworks were on display at Tower Bridge from July to December 2017.


For more information email: alexevansartist [at]

Click the PDF icon to download full exhibition guide including prices for purchase:

Artist in Residence,

Tower Bridge

'Subimation of Gothic windows'

Pencil on Paper

W: 42 x H: 59

'Landmarks North'

Ciclée print on paper

W: 59 x H: 84

'Landmarks South'

Ciclée print on paper

W: 59 x H: 84

'Transformation no.1'

Pen and charcoal on paper

W: 43 x H: 29

'All that is Solid melts into Air'

Ciclée print on paper

W: 84 x H: 59


Ciclée print on paper

W: 59 x H: 42


Ciclée print on paper

W: 59 x H: 42


Pen on paper

W: 42 x H: 29

'Contour Drawing no.3'

Ciclée print on paper

W: 59 x H: 42

'Beauty and the Bridge'

Click the video for a short documentary of my residency,

created by Yalding Media and Form Idea:

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